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Borrow Social Distancing Workspace

A Meetup Space for Local Businesses for 10 and under people.

There is no doubt our work landscapes have changed undoubtedly for the future.   For many of us that means our home offices will become permanent.  With the state of our economy it also means businesses will have to cut costs wherever possible and physical office space will be at the top of that list.  Enter Borrow Workspace.  A place where we can help small teams and local businesses get together and connect in a safe environment.

• Only 1 group allowed to book per day
• Pre + Post cleaning done for each "Meet Up"
• Tables and chairs positioned to honor social distancing six foot recommendations
• Wifi Onsite
• Projector + Screen available for use
• Free Parking Onsite
• Sonos Link Up
• Dock-high loading
• Wheel Chair Accessible
• Monday through Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm $50 per hour with 2 hour minimum. $250 All day flat rate
• Evening + Weekend Available $75 per hour

The Social Distant Floorplan for 10

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